REACH Charter School | Denver, CO

Specialized Plans

REACH provides specialized learning plans for students who are identified as Gifted and Talented. Students are identified through a body of evidence which includes assessment information, work samples, and feedback from both parents and teachers. An Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is developed to provide students with a challenging and rigorous learning experience. More information about ALPs can be found at:


By the very nature of its mission to provide  fully inclusive education and collaboration between general and special educators,  Automatically and every day, REACH  implements the Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) which is a three-tiered model.  In Tier One, all students receive high-quality, research-based instruction that is differentiated. Students who are not progressing adequately are provided with one or more research-based interventions (Tier Two). Finally, in Tier Three, if a student is still struggling, then s/he receives one-on-one targeted intervention that speaks to his/her specific skill deficits.  When appropriate, students being served in tier three may also be referred for assessment to determine eligibility for Special Education services


>If any child has either academic or behavioral concerns which are interfering with his/her ability to meet grade level standards, s/he will be referred to the Student Success Team (SST). Parents may also refer students to this problem solving team.

Classroom teachers, special educators, interventionists, and parents work together to develop learning plans to address the student’s unique needs. Some students who are referred to the SST team may be further referred to determine eligibility for either ADA Section 504 plans or Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). More information about these plans can be found at the following links:
Parent Information about 504 Plans
Special Education/IEPs