REACH Charter School | Denver, CO


Current Openings
Position Opening:           Substitute Teachers

Bachelor’s degree required, Please email your resume to employment@reachpk5,org.


REACH is a Denver Public Schools charter elementary school created to provide a fully-inclusive learning environment for children with diverse abilities and backgrounds. Opened in August 2015, REACH will enroll students from preschool (ECE) through Grade 4 In 2017-18.

REACH celebrates each individual child and uses a team teaching, transdisciplinary service delivery model to provide instruction which is differentiated to address multiple learning styles and different abilities. Teachers work closely with families to support the whole child.

The ideal candidate for positions at REACH is someone who holds the unshakeable belief that every child can succeed and who desires to be part of a close-knit professional learning community that welcomes the challenge of new initiatives.  S/he should not only possess the specific job-related experience and skills, but should also be an excellent communicator and a collaborative, creative problem-solver.

For employment Inquiries, please call the REACH office at 720.668.9691 or email us.