REACH Charter School | Denver, CO


Although REACH teachers consistently use a variety of instructional strategies, including differentiation for all students and accommodations for students with disabilities who have Individualized Education Plans, students still may periodically experience specific skill gaps.  in these cases, REACH  provides targeted supplementary instruction known as interventions.

Literacy Interventions: Leveled Literacy Interventions (LLI) is a research-based system of supplemental small group instruction for students, beginning in kindergarten, who need intensive support because they are experiencing reading or writing difficulties, especially not reading or writing at grade level.

It also provides strong support for English Language Learners who are receiving classroom reading instruction in English. It balances a combination of reading, writing, and phonics/word study, and emphasizes expanding vocabulary, learning comprehension strategies, and developing fluency..  

Mathematics Interventions:  Intervention strategies are a built-in feature of the Bridges in Mathematics™ curriculum materials and focus on improving a child’s understanding of the one or two areas in which additional understanding and practice is needed. rather than requiring re-teaching of whole lessons or units.