REACH Charter School | Denver, CO




REACH offers personalized whole-child learning experiences, in fully inclusive classrooms, to meet the unique needs of every student, regardless of background or abilities. At REACH, “all means all” and each student has the opportunity to access a standards-based curriculum through differentiation and project-based learning that tailors instruction to the child’s unique talents, skills, learning style, and growth needs. Teams of teachers at every grade level collaboratively plan instruction, curricular adaptations, and any necessary specialized interventions. By learning, playing, and creating side-by-side with diverse peers, REACH students not only achieve personal success academically, physically, emotionally, and socially, but they also develop empathy and collaborative problem-solving skills.

What Makes REACH Special?

★ Research-based curriculum for literacy and mathematics differentiated to meet student needs
★ Weekly STEAM-focused project based learning
★ Low teacher to student ratio
★ Focus on developing the whole child:
     • Multi-sensory teaching methods
     • Music and arts instruction provided daily
     • Explicit social-emotional instruction
     • Movement and play integrated throughout the day
     • Schoolwide supports for positive behavior
     • Healthy foods program through DPS
★ Transdisciplinary teaching teams