REACH Charter School | Denver, CO


REACH Charter School, an independent not-for-profit corporation, opened its doors in Fall 2015 with the mission “to provide an inclusive Pre-K to 5th grade school in near Northeast Denver in which educators and families Reimagine Excellence for All in a Community with Heart.”  Currently in its second year of serving students from diverse backgrounds and with diverse abilities, REACH is becoming a viable elementary SchoolChoice option for families throughout metro Denver. REACH’S fully inclusive learning environment provides highly differentiated instruction tailored to the unique needs of both students with disabilities as well as their non-disabled peers, including English Language Learners and students identified as Gifted and Talented.

REACH currently shares a campus at 940 Fillmore Street with the Sewall Child Development Center whose parents, volunteers and staff began the process for chartering REACH in 2013 because members of the Sewall community hoped to extend the work that Sewall had been doing—providing a caring and joyful educational experience that was tailored to each child’s unique background and abilities—into the elementary grades. REACH continues to have a member from Sewall on the Board of Directors and will always extend a warm welcome to students from the Sewall Child Development Center who choose to enroll at REACH.